The 5 most beautiful national parks of the United States

The United States is not just in the foreground for vacationers, with its cities and vibrant lifestyle. National parks in the country offer extraordinary holiday routes, especially for nature lovers. Here are the 5 most visited national parks in the USA!

5. Zion

Zion National Park, is near the city of Springfield in the state of Utah and located at the junction of three important geographical areas. These are “Grand Basin” in the northwest; The “Mojave Desert” to the southwest and the “Colorado Plateau” to the east. The highest point in Zion National Park is at “Horse Ranch Mountain” with an altitude of 2,659 m. These mountain peaks are located in the southeast of the park on the same level as the Kolob Canyons and are part of the Colorado Plateau. The “Zion Canyon” located in the southeast of the park is located as if deeply excavated in the “Markant Plateau”, which is part of the “Colorado Plateau”. The most convenient transport routes for this park are the Utah State highway “Route 9” and the interstate fedaral “Interstate 15”.

4. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park is the state’s oldest national park and located in the state of Arizona around the Colorado River. The canyon was formed when the Colorado River split its canal over millions of years. It is 466 kilometers long and ranges from 400 meters to 2.4 kilometers in width. It reaches up to 1600 meters in depth. These cuts contain the Earth’s 2 billion-year history.

3. Glacier

This park is located in the north-west of the state of Montana, a mountainous terrain that is part of the Rocky Mountains system, extending to the Canadian-United States state border. Glacier National Park is very difficult to access from the USA because it is located in very mountainous terrain. In the state of Montana there is no sizeable settlement near this park, and the largest nearest settlement is Kalispell, Montana, a small town (about 15,000 inhabitants). However, it is possible to reach these lands more easily from the north.

2. Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is in the US states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. It became the first national park of the USA and the world on March 1, 1872. Yellowstone National Park is approximately 8987 km² in size. It is located at the intersection of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana states of America. The majority (96%) are in Wyoming, with 3% stretching to Montana and 1% to the state of ldaho. It is especially known for its very large geysers. Half of the world’s hot springs are located here and their number exceeds 10000. Yellowstone has more than 300 geysers and more than 290 waterfalls of various sizes.

1. Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is located in Tuolumne, Mariposa and Madera counties in the middle and east of California in the United States. The park, on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, has an area of ​​3,081 km². The 18 km² Yosemite Valley is visited by 3.5 million people every year. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984, the park features granite cliffs, waterfalls, crystal clear streams and giant Sequoia trees. Wildlife is present in about 95% of the park.

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