Best 7 Caribbean Islands for summer holiday

The Caribbean always offers most ideal holiday opportunities for the United States since locations of islands. Here are 7 Caribbean Islands to relieve the tiredness of the year when travel restrictions are lifted in the summer of 2021.

7. Curacao

Fantastic beaches in Curacao

The island of Curacao is a country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands​​. The country, whose capital is Willemstad, is located in the south of the Caribbean Sea. The tropical climate is always an advantage for vacation.

6. Cayman Islands

Yachting holiday, Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands are a group of islands located in the south of Cuba and consisting of 3 islands. These are, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac islands. It is affiliated with the UK as a management.

5. Barbados

White sandy beaches

Located in the Southern Caribbean region, Barbados has been an independent island country since 1966. The island has a tropical climate and unique natural beauty. Therefore, holiday in Barbados offers an unforgettable experience.

4. Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos, affiliated to the United Kingdom, is a group of islands consisting of two archipelagoes. This group consists of 38 islands but only 8 of them have life on. The Turks and Caicos Islands are named from Turk’s cap cactus and caya hico, which means ‘series of islands’ in Taino language.

3. US Virgin Islands

View from St. Thomas

It is a community of islands affiliated to the USA in the Caribbean. Tourism is the main source of income of US Virgin Islands due to 2 million tourists visit island in a year. The administration of the islands passed from Denmark to the USA in 1917.

2. British Virgin Islands

Sunset in British Virgin Islands

It is located in the Virgin archipelago, together with the USA and the Spanish Virgin Islands. British Virgin Islands, whose capital is Road Town, consists of approximately 50 islands. Especially the white sandy beaches of Anegada Island and the coastline of Cane Garden Bay are worth seeing.

1. St. Lucia

Yachts from St.Lucia

The island country of the United Kingdom is located in the north of Trinidad Tobago. The capital of the St.Lucia is Castries. Because of its natural beauties and unique climate, it is a preferred spot for tourists for holiday at all times of the year.

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