8 must-see destinations in Tokyo during the Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics, which were postponed to the summer of 2021 due to the coronavirus epidemic, will begin in Tokyo at the end of July. Here are 8 important destinations in Tokyo when you go for the Olympics.

8. Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower in Japan with its 634m height. It is also in the 2nd place in the world. However it is not included in the list of tallest buildings because there is no life in it. In the design of the tower, visitors could see modern lines of traditional Japanese architecture.

7. Meiji Shrine

Meiji, a Shinto shrine, is located in the Shibuya district. The construction of the temple decided with the death of Emperor Meiji in 1912 and was completed in 1920. The temple is dedicated to the souls of Empress Shuken together with Emperor Meiji.

6. Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum, the first and most important art museum in Tokyo, is located in Ueno Park. In the museum, you can find Japanese painting, sculpture and calligraphy, examples of Eastern art and archeology, metal items, swords, pottery, textiles, paint works, ethnographic materials and prehistoric.

5. Ueno Park

It is Japan’s most popular urban park because it receives more than 10 million visitors a year. It takes its name from the district where it is located, Ueno. Sakura and hanami celebrations are held in the spring in Ueno Park.

4. Sensō-ji

It is located in Asakusa, one of the touristic districts of Tokyo. Sensō-ji Temple is Tokyo’s oldest temple as well as being a Buddhist temple. It is a popular destination for tourists, especially thanks to its architecture.

3. Ginza

Ginza is Tokyo’s upscale shopping district. Located in Chuo district, the area is one of the most luxurious shopping areas in the world. Therefore, millions of tourists who come to Tokyo add Ginza to their routes. There are many shops, boutiques and restaurants in the area.

2. The Imperial Palace

It is the official residence of the Emperor of Japan. The palace was built on the site of the old Edo Castle. Located in the Chiyoda district, the palace spreads over a very large area with its gardens. Private residences of the imperial family, archives, museums and administrative offices are located in this complex.

1. New National Stadium

Completed in 2019, the stadium replaced the old Tokyo Olympic Stadium. It has a capacity of 80.016 spectators. It is a must-visit destination for visitors to list this summer, as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics will be held at this stadium.

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