5 cities that you must visit in Germany

Germany always exceeds the expectations of its guests with its extraordinary nature, strong economy and different cultures. In this list, you could find the most important and must-see cities if you want trip to Germany. We hope that list help planning a trip!

5. Cologne

The Rhine River and Cologne Cathedral offer an exquisite view.
The Rhine River and Cologne Cathedral

Cologne is the most important transport, culture, science, arts, trade and entertainment center of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is also the intersection point of the iron and airline transportation network. The Rhine River passes right in the middle of the city. Eight bridges connect both banks of the river. The most famous building of the city is the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom), the gothic-style double tower, whose construction was completed in 632 (1248-1880) years, and it is on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List with its height of 157 meters on an area of ​​7 thousand square meters.

4. Nuremberg

Nuremberg have beautiful nature especially in summer.
Nature of Nuremberg

Nuremberg is the second largest city in the state of Bavaria after Munich. It is also one of Germany’s largest cities and is today the only city with most of its medieval fortifications. Nuremberg Castle is one of the most important fortifications in Europe in historical and architectural terms.

3. Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the business center in Germany with its skyscapers.
Skyscapers in Frankfurt

Located on the banks of the Main river, the city is the capital of the state of Hessen. It hosts the European Central Bank, the German Central Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Fair. Thanks to its central location, it is one of the most important traffic nodal points in Europe, with Frankfurt Airport, Central Station, Frankfurt intersection and the busiest motorway network in the world.

2. Munich

Oktoberfest is visited by thousands of tourists in every year and have great impact tourism of Germany.
Oktoberfest in Munich

Munich, the capital of the state of Bavaria, is also the third largest city in Germany. It hosts the beer festival called “October Festival” (Oktoberfest), which is held in the last week of September and the first week of October every year and is visited by thousands of tourists. This festival is counted among the 10 largest festivals in the world and although it is known for its beer, it is not only considered in this context, it provides a setting for the promotion of Bavarian traditions.

1. Berlin

Brandenburg Gate is one of the most famous landmark in Germany.
Brandenburg Gate

When you planning a trip to Germany, of course you can not pass Berlin. The city, the capital of Germany, took its present form with the collapse of the Berlin wall in 1990. Berlin is a city that receives immigrants from all over the world and is home to international trade centers. The main sights to see in Berlin are: Branderburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, Berlin Wall Remains and the Museum District.

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