Around the World in 80 Days
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Animated Google Earth Tours:
At World Travel Routes (WTR) we specialise in creating animated tours for use within Google Earth.
A tour will take you on an aerial trip around an itinerary. On this page we have the trip by Michael Palin - Around the World in 80 Days.
Click button to launch this tour with Google Earth:
Show your own trip:
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The generated page can either be kept private or made global and linkable from other websites.
Using Google Earth:
Google Earth must be downloaded independently before you can view the tour. If you don't already have a copy installed click here to reach the free download page.
To control a tour:
Once Google Earth finishes loading, the tour can be started from - Google Earth->Sidebar->Places->Temporary Places.
The tour defaults to play at a sedate pace. Use the floating controls to:
  • pause - to look at marked information or photos. Zoom and look around.
  • fast foward - to skim through the tour at an increased speed and watch the mountains fly past.
  • adjust progress bar - to skip to another part of the tour.
For more tips on settings for best viewing of our tours with Google Earth see Tips.
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